Iron Man 2

May. 9th, 2010 01:52 pm
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Once again an Iron man movie had left me wanting. Wanting to watch The Avengers movie that is. With such a lovely introduction, it's no wonder that I want it to happen. The SHIELD people are now firmly rooted in the Iron Man movie universe, starting with a cameo appearance in the first one and almost taking over the second one. Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury is perfection, I don't think anyone else could play that role better than him. And while Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow is a bit stiff and her character rather bland, she could be transformed into something better in the future. She has loads of potential.

What irritated me the most in this movie was exchanging Terrence Howard with Don Cheadle in the role of Rhodey. Cheadle was, simply said, boring. Howard's Rhodey was one of the best characters in the previous movie, but he could just as well be entirely written off the scenario of the second one for all I care. I'm upset about that.

Iron Man 2 was much slower paced than the first part, but it's not a bad thing. The time was put to good use. Nothing is easy for Tony in this movie, after becoming a hero he must now face the changes it brings to his life. Health problems make him reckless, he has to deal with his father's legacy and the government. If that wasn't enough he has to deal with a new enemy (played by Mickey Rourke - he was better than I expected, but his ending was totally anticlimactic). Fortunately both Pepper Potts and the SHIELD are here to help. Robert Downey Jr. plays all that so realistically, it gives me shivers. I don't think I would love this movie as much as I do, if not for him.

What I like about Tony Stark the most, is that he can deal with everything that happens to him on his own. He doesn't have to have any scientist with him to produce a new element, he just does everything with his own hands. To see Downey Jr. surrounded by futuristic technology and still getting dirty is priceless.

When it comes to Pepper Potts I have mixed feelings. On one hand she's a big help for Tony, but on the other one she's weak and can't really understand him. She can't deal with the stress of being CEO, with helping Tony with the core... Seems she really can't do much. In this movie the chemistry between her and Tony was practically nonexistent, even when they kissed it seemed forced. You can clearly see that they won't last too long as a couple.

The bodyguard Happy (Jon Favreau) was a pleasant surprise in the movie. He was the perfect comedic relief, especially in his scenes with Scarlett Johansson. I hope he will be in the next movie.

Another interesting character was Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell). I do agree that he was rather annoying, but he was meant to be. He was a stupid, rich and clumsy sort of antihero of the movie. He and senator Stern (Garry Shandling) were what we would expect from your regular government official/suppliant - money driven, lying, cheating and slimy, but with plenty of connections.

The technology of this universe is probably the most interesting thing ever. I absolutely love the idea of Jarvis (surprise!Paul Bettany  - he is everywhere lately!). He is almost human and the idea is something that robotics desperately tries to make true. I would love to have a computer like him on my own :) And the clumsy manipulator is the cutest little robot ever :P

After watching the short Thor trial I can't really tell if I want to see the movie, but maybe I will if only to see agent Coulson in action. I was never into Thor as much as I was for, say, Spider-Man, so I don't know anything about the plot... Will decide after watching a full trailer.
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