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This year a lot has happened during summer, and a lot will still happen. There was my first time driving a glider trailer (or however it's called in English), which was scary and difficult, but thankfully successful. Being a helper to my mom on a gliding competition (didn't win, but that's not the most important thing). Then (and during) doing some summer work (the pay was good, so I'm not complaining for all the lost time from what was supposed to be the time to rest). My computer broke, so I had to borrow one from a friend (I love my friends :P ), and soon I'm going to buy a new one (can't wait, living without a computer that I can call my own is annoying). I have finally painted my room (it still needs some finishing touches, but it will be done until Saturday). I've seen some movies (the last one was Sorcerer's Apprentice), will be seeing some more soon (I need to watch Inception!), and on Sunday I'm leaving for a week with dad, my grandparents, and dad's brother and his family. It is going to be fun. Dad will be fishing, we'll go mushroom hunting and sightseeing. It will be a house above a lake, and the weather is supposed to be really nice. I'm sure it will be a great trip. Plus on Saturday is my birthday :) and it's usually a really good day. I have already promised my friends that I'm going to invite them for a birthday party as soon as I will come back. That will be nice as well.

This year had (and will have) some hurdles for me, but it's also one of the best so far. I hope everything will be fine at the end.
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