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I've seen Sorcerer's Apprentice yesterday and I have to say I was disappointed. Sure it had some great moments (funny or serious alike), but the key ones were not one of them. The final scenes were sappy and badly played. Monica Bellucci was terrible, she didn't have a single line worth mentioning and appeared on maybe 7 minutes of screen-time. I'm sure she hated playing in that movie, since usually she's a good actress. Nicolas Cage was decent, but not amazing. His acting was good, but the screenplay just didn't give him any chances to shine. He also looked weird. They could have skipped the hat. I liked Alfred Molina's performance best. In my opinion he did a lot of good things for this movie. Jay Baruchel lacked charisma, he was comparable with Shia LaBeouf in Transformers. I get that he was supposed to be this nerdy guy with great destiny, but he could at least be more graceful about it (I think the best example would be Keanu Reeves in Matrix - he was a nerd, but a classy one). I really hated how all of the sudden he started being really powerful and knowledgeable, while just moments ago he could barely do anything. That was really annoying. Another thing - Teresa Palmer looks a lot like Kristen Steward. Otherwise she was okay. Bland, but okay.

All in all, I expected better. At least it wasn't in 3D, I have enough of seeing every stupid movie in 3D. Leave that to some really awesome (visually) movies, like Avatar. I like my movies in 2D, thank you very much.
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