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I have visited three beautiful cities during a trip to Germany. The first was Karlsruhe, where my sister now goes to university, next was a sort trip to Strasbourg, which is very close to Karlsruhe. On the way back we've seen Prague.

Of those tree, I liked Strasbourg best. Despite how many people where there, I didn't feel smothered, like I did in Prague. You'd think that the touristic season is over in September, but I'm pretty sure there couldn't be more people in both cities during summer. How would they be able to move around? Anyway, Strasbourg was stunningly beautiful, if a bit small compared to Paris, which it resembled in many ways. I would love to live in a city like that. There's just something about French cities that speaks to me. All I have to do is to learn the language, and I could happily move to France.

Karlsruhe on the other hand was pretty empty. There were people there, but not so many tourists, more students (it's an university city) and citizens. The city has a clear plan (the streets are made to resemble a fan), but what surprises me the most was the amount of litter lying around everywhere, especially near the castle. I have not expected it from the Germans, who are supposedly so orderly. I don't really think it was all left by the tourists either... It was a big drawback from the place for me.

On the way home, we stopped to see Prague, which I only knew from books and movies. I expected to love it, but I was disappointed. Sure, there were some beautiful sites there, but communism has left a big mark on the place. The beautiful places were there, but right next to them were the ugly ones. Plus, there were too many people. 

I think I was the most disappointed with the old Jewish cemetery, which was supposed to have a magical atmosphere. Instead it had an entrance fee. The Jewish part of the city was terribly commercialized.

Another thing that made me unhappy was that the golden street was closed for renovation. I really wanted to see it... Maybe it's better this way, I might have gotten even more disappointed otherwise...

All in all, the trip wasn't so bad. We spend too much time sitting in the car, but got to see some beautiful places. I really wish we could spend more time in Strasbourg, but I'm pretty sure it's not the last time I was there. At least I hope so.

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