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Oct. 3rd, 2010 05:13 pm
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While I still am confused about the first episode of the new season, I have watched the second one and actually have something to say about it.

I love Lisa, she was the most awesome character in this episode. I thought I wouldn't, because she seemed just someone to fill Dean's time while his brother was in hell (or not), but of course I should have known better. This show has after all awesome writers who won't make bad choices or unnecessary characters. So here she is, strong and reliable, a good mother and a good partner for Dean, who won't just cage him or throw him out. She's my favorite character for those two episodes. Others are weird or creepy (the whole Campbell clan), in case of Sam terribly hypocritical (You wanted Dean to stay there, you have not told him about your return because of that! Why would you want to ge him back to hunting now, when he actually wants to stay out? That makes no sense!). Dean's okay I guess, nothing stellar, but he's just as he should be - at war with himself, hunting or family? What will come out of it is a mystery, but I'm sure it will be well written and plausible (here's hoping they will not kill Lisa and Ben - that would be terrible).

I miss Cas. Can't wait for him! Also want to see Crowley badly...

In other news, I started watching Leverage and it's absolutely amazing. It's my new favorite series (just behind Supernatural). That it has Mark Sheppard certainly helps :)
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