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I did not like the new Harry Potter movie. Here's a short list why:

  • It was horribly anti-climatic. Every scene that was supposed to make my cry (Hedwig dies, Moody dies, Dobby dies...) did nothing of the sort. All of them were rushed, simply glossed over. None had any feeling inside. Even the Dobby one, the longest one, made me feel nothing.
  • The whole movie was rushed. They had split it in two, why not make this part longer, more meaningful, not just a string of scenes, with the only tie between them being the Golden Trio.
  • Not enough villains! It needed more Voldemort, more Bellatrix, more Snape... At least the plot would thicken.
  • There was so little music.... It sure would do the movie well if there was more of it.
  • There were some scenes that would look very good in 3D, and although I don't particularly like overusing that technique, this movie was shot with it in mind, and it shows.
  • The background characters, even those more important, were so completely marginalized, they could have as well not existed. Here too, the movie could have been made longer to incorporate them.
  • Some scenes were too drawn out. The talk scenes mainly. They prolonged boring scenes and cut out the emotional ones! Bad choices here!

I'm sure more will come in time, but that were the most glaring flaws of The Deathly Hallows (in my opinion). To balance that a little, here are some things I did like:

  • Tom Felton's performance - brief screen time but showed a lot of emotion, making his character stand out.
  • The Ministry scene was the best one in the whole movie: fast, dynamic, funny and felt complete. The polyjuiced trio were brilliant! I liked the acting a lot. Big kisses to Sophie Thompson, David O'Hara and Steffan Rhodri. Really, that was the most memorable scene.
  • I liked how Harry and company all seemed pretty mature (esp. Hermione of course). Their immaturity always made my blood boil in the previous parts.
  • Rupert Grint's performance was really nice. I may not like Ron too much, but the guy is a very good actor and it shows.
  • The sets and were beautiful.

Hm... That's about it. I do hope the next part will be better, but my hopes are sadly dwindling.
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