SPN 5.19

Apr. 23rd, 2010 10:12 am
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A spoiler I guess? )

SPN 100

Apr. 16th, 2010 04:17 am
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My reaction to Supernatural 100 )
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This season is so sad lately! I've been constantly crying my eyes out and I don't know if it's good for them... I can't wait for next week though, even if I might cry again.

In related news: I don't think I would name any son of mine Castiel, no matter how much I love the guy. It's just to weird of a name! It seems however, that it will soon stop being weird in USA :)
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That was hard, since I only know Europe and Japan well enough!
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I just got back from watching "Alice in Wonderland" and I have to say it was pretty spectacular...

...spoilers after the cut. )

The movie was beautiful and I would gladly watch it one more time. Definitely buying it on DVD!
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I had a really weird dream yesterday night. Two weird dreams actually, which just proves that my mind works in mysterious ways.

My evil dreams of world domination... )

Is it just me, or do other people have as cracked up dreams as well?
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About Supernatural 5.14 + a small spoiler for 5.15 )
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About Sherlock Holmes )

A bit about Supernatural 5.11 )

There are rumors that the sixth season was given a go. The Apocalypse should be over by then, but I hope Castiel will stay. Otherwise I'm happy with that piece of news :) 
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Seen Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus today and it was brilliant. Lily Cole is very good in this movie. For a model, she's a really great actress. Loved Heath Ledger and Johnny Deep too. I didn't  like Colin Farrell and Jude Law though. The character I liked the most was Anton (Andrew Garfield) - just my favorite (sorta angsty) type of person! Cute too :)

Generally it was a great movie that I enjoyed a lot. And the imaginary worlds were so amazing...
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I was playing with a cool H&M eye shadow palette. This is what I have produced:

Doesn't it look cool? It's most definitely a club look. Have another picture?

I'm getting better with make up :)


Dec. 28th, 2009 10:53 pm
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Spoilers for Avatar under cut... )

I loved Sam Worthington. The guy is climbing higher on my "Favorite actors" list with every movie he makes. Loved him in Terminator: Salvation, love him in Avatar, hopefully will love him in his future movies. I think I might go and download some wallpapers with him now... Right now 95% of my wallpapers feature Misha Collins :)

New theme

Dec. 19th, 2009 07:31 pm
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I have chosen a new theme to one that's more clean. I like the new order a lot. In other new, I'm going to be on TV on Monday and I'm a bit nervous. I have not seen the completed episode myself, I haven't even seen how I looked on the screen! It's rather depressing... Luckily not many people will have the chance to watch it, since it's on in the middle of the day. Myself included. Although it may be repeated on Thursday in two weeks. Hopefully it will look OK. Finally there's snow where I live (even if it might melt down till Christmas).m It's also rather sunny recently, so everything looks glorious. Like that:

My garden
The kittens are crazy. They literally climb walls. I'm a bit scared for our Christmas tree when we will finally decorate it. It's not going to last! We have picked names for the two remaining kittens and it's Bunia and Lucifer. Luci's name is very appropriate. Bunia's is too actually, cause it comes from her fur color. And she is a nice kitten. She spent 2 hours today sleeping on me :) Luci is definitely more crazy than she is. Oh, and their mom, Froggy, is weird! They have this plush mouse and she keeps bringing it to the kittens and trying to feed them with it! I figure she spends way to much time at home...
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I have scored my first TV appearance. Well, it won't be an appearance till 21.12, but my scenes have been filmed today. I was really nervous. My sleep was restless, I kept waking up and had a really nasty (and bloody) nightmare. I have barely eaten anything before and didn't even feel a bit hungry through the 2.5 hours of filming. In short I was terrified. During the first take I simply got stuck and had to begin anew. Thankfully I got more relaxed after a while. All in all it was a good experience. I honestly doubt I will ever be able to repeat it, but if I get the chance, I won't hesitate.

The program was a short educational one about robots - both those in more serious use and toys. I'm pretty pleased with how I did, but I bet I will look dreadful on the screen. The camera tends to hate me!
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I have finally written a story that's been bugging me for a while. More that that! I have posted it on FF.net! I'm so proud of myself! Even if I might have gone a bit overboard with commas - I seem to do that a lot. I have a comma addiction? Do I need rehab?!

Anyway, the story is here:

Link to my first story

It's about Castiel embarrassing Uriel in front of Sam and Dean. Completely unintentionally of course. And possibly revealing some of his mysterious past. And exploring aliens.

I'm rather pleased with myself today. I'm even working a lot! Today's a good day!
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Spoilers for Supernatural 5.10 under cut )
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The trivia about me is rather depressing. And what's with all those sexual innuendos?

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Olga!

  1. Humans share about fifty percent of their DNA with Olga.
  2. Human beings are the only animals that copulate while facing Olga.
  3. Baskin Robbins once made Olga flavoured ice cream!
  4. The average human spends about 30 days during their life in Olga.
  5. Olga is only six percent water.
  6. A bride should wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and Olga!
  7. On stone temples in southern India, there are more than 30 million carved images of Olga.
  8. If you lick Olga ten times, you will consume one calorie.
  9. About 100 people choke to death on Olga each year.
  10. Olgaology is the study of Olga!
I am interested in - do tell me about
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Apparently water is not as well known as I thought it would be. Have some water-trivia:

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Water!

  1. Only 55 percent of Americans know that the sun is made of Water.
  2. The air around Water is superheated to about five times the temperature of the sun!
  3. Ninety-six percent of all candles sold are purchased by Water.
  4. Donald Duck's middle name is Water!
  5. Waterocracy is government by Water.
  6. The smelly fluid secreted by skunks is colloquially known as Water!
  7. A lump of Water the size of a matchbox can be flattened into a sheet the size of a tennis court!
  8. There is no lead in a lead pencil - it is simply a stick of graphite mixed with Water and water.
  9. It takes 8 minutes for light to travel from the Sun's surface to Water.
  10. It took Water 22 years to build the Taj Mahal.
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SPN 5.09

Nov. 13th, 2009 04:06 pm
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Some thoughts on Supernatural 5.09 )
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Spoilers for SPN 5.08 ahead! )

And now I have to go back to work...

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The kittens are well into their fifth week now, which means they are getting livelier. Those last few days I've been letting them play in my room - they've found all the lost dust bunnies! Luckily they are so cute and friendly. You just have to move around a bit to get them to come to you and they really like petting... All in all they are precious.


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