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The new year is aboard! The 31st and the 1st  went rather smoothly. I went to Siedlce on the 30th of December and stayed there till the 1st. The first night we watched some movies - Alvin and the Chipmunks, Hellboy 2, The Eye (scary, but not overly) and Beauty and the Beast (which is a great, great movie). The second night -New Years Eve- was spent dancing, eating (a bit) and talking. After the clock struck midnight we opened a bottle of (nonalcoholic) champagne, watched fireworks (some were really close - and beautiful), danced a bit more and watched Disney's Aladdin - also a very good movie. So it all went rather quietly. Accept one thing. I've been watching Ghost Hunters lately. Unfortunately it's having bad effects on me - I'm getting scared at night thinking that there might be ghost in my room. I just don't feel comfortable. Of course there are no ghosts - the effect is purely psychological, but my rational mind seems to turn off at night. The results are that I can't sleep well - in fact I haven't slept the whole night since the 30th December. That makes me rather irritated, but I can't stop watching the series - it's interesting! The funniest thing is I keep waking up on (more or less) the same hour every night - around 3 A.M. Hopefully the effect will neutralize itself soon.

I've been ice skating again yesterday and it was great! I've been learning to ride backwards and I'm making progress. I'm hoping to go again on Tuesday.


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