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The Championships are almost finished, today's the last flying day. And that means we will be going home tomorrow! Of course the ride is really long - we will only arrive around 22 at Sunday... Still, I'm happy. No matter how much I love my mom, the close proximity for these 3 weeks tested my patience (though I guess hers too). Finally I will have my own space and sanctuary - my room.

On the other hand almost as soon as we come back I will be doing an internship. Which means work and little time for myself... But it's necessary, so I'll manage. The internship is in a company named AVIA, which produces mainly machining centers, milling machines and so on. I don't really know what I will be doing there yet, but it will have something to do with programming. Or making coffee, we'll see :P

Since the weather was not flyable for the last three days, we were able to do some sightseeing. First we've been to Ópusztaszer - an open-air Ethnographical Museum. It was nice, but very tiring. Then we visited Budapest - though we've only managed to walk through the Castle Hill and see some other places from a car window. It was still amazing. I think I'll post some pictures later... I liked the Marzipan Museum best :P


Finally we've managed too see Szeged at least. The Votive Church is absolutely amazing - from both inside and outside. The city itself is pretty enough, but rather small. Lots of older buildings - from XIX century and earlier and rather well kept. Guess I'll post the pictures I made later as well. I need to organize them first though.

Votive Church in Szeged

All in all the trip to Hungary was pretty nice, even if sometimes too stationary for my tastes. And too hot, but thanks to that I feel like I'm more used to high temperatures :) On the other hand now it will be too cold for me in Poland...


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