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The new year is aboard! The 31st and the 1st  went rather smoothly. I went to Siedlce on the 30th of December and stayed there till the 1st. The first night we watched some movies - Alvin and the Chipmunks, Hellboy 2, The Eye (scary, but not overly) and Beauty and the Beast (which is a great, great movie). The second night -New Years Eve- was spent dancing, eating (a bit) and talking. After the clock struck midnight we opened a bottle of (nonalcoholic) champagne, watched fireworks (some were really close - and beautiful), danced a bit more and watched Disney's Aladdin - also a very good movie. So it all went rather quietly. Accept one thing. I've been watching Ghost Hunters lately. Unfortunately it's having bad effects on me - I'm getting scared at night thinking that there might be ghost in my room. I just don't feel comfortable. Of course there are no ghosts - the effect is purely psychological, but my rational mind seems to turn off at night. The results are that I can't sleep well - in fact I haven't slept the whole night since the 30th December. That makes me rather irritated, but I can't stop watching the series - it's interesting! The funniest thing is I keep waking up on (more or less) the same hour every night - around 3 A.M. Hopefully the effect will neutralize itself soon.

I've been ice skating again yesterday and it was great! I've been learning to ride backwards and I'm making progress. I'm hoping to go again on Tuesday.


Dec. 28th, 2008 09:57 pm
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I went ice skating today - to test my new skates. They were freshly sharpened and thus incredibly sharp. The minute I stepped on the ice the first time I fell down. On my knees, then on my belly on which I rode about 1 meter. When I got up I was covered in shaved ice. Joy. When I came back home and examined myself I discovered two huge, already purpling bruises on my knees. Luckily they didn't hurt and I had no problems skating after the fall. It was 1,5 hour of pure fun. The skates are great - my feet don't hurt, I have quickly got used to their sharpness and they are warm. I could live without the bruises, but the rest was amazing.

And it almost didn't happen at all! When we first left home for the skating rink the car started making weird noises (it kind of sounded like a plane - definitely weird for a car). It turned out something was wrong with the brakes and we had to take it to a car mechanic. They didn't have the necessary parts so we rode back home. I was crestfallen - I really wanted to try my skates. Luckily mum agreed to take the other car and we went after all. Looks like my good luck still holds :)
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My Christmas Wish got (more or less) fulfilled! At first I thought it was a lost cause, but as we rode to my grandparents place I noticed that the outside seemed more and more white. It turns out that, while it didn't snow a drop at home, it did in the place we were going to spend Christmas Eve in. So I had my White Christmas (Eve). But the best part is that when we arrived back home late at night it was white too! It appears that it was snowing when we were absent.  :)  Unfortunately when I woke up this morning I noticed that most of the snow was gone. But all is not lost cause it's snowing right now! Even if this snowing is rather symbolic... Who knows what will happen later?

This years Christmas Eve was truly special. The food was good (even if there was waaay too much fish), the atmosphere warm and peaceful, the tree (both at home and in my grandparents place) beautiful. But the best thing was that I actually got thoughtful and nice presents. Usually mom makes me write a wish-list, so I'm pretty sure what I will get. That makes me rather unhappy. Sometimes what you want is not always what you want to receive... And truthfully I'd rather know that someone put a lot of thought in what I would like, considered what he knows about me and remembered stray conversations that could aid him in the quest of buying me the ideal Christmas present, than simply phone mum and ask her what I've written. Even more so because I usually write items that would complete my collection of animes, books and some such. Some of those things I won't even touch - me wanting them is only because of my nature - I hate to leave something incomplete. Others are welcome, but it's not as I wouldn't buy them myself eventually. But this year was better. I've still written a list, but mum refused to buy me animes this year (she thinks I'm too old for it), though I honestly don't care right now - thanks to it I've finally got some creative presents - a book about classical music (written with humor) and "Essential Bach" CD. Naturally I've got some thing from my list as well - two Agatha Christie's books (for my collection, but those I will actually enjoy) and ice skates. I've been pining for the skates for two/three years already so I'm extremely happy about them. Now I can go skating whenever I want without having to put up with rented (usually smelly and worn-out) skates. Mine are white, elegant and made from fine leather. I can't wait to try them out!

I hope everyone had as pleasant Christmas Eve as I did! And belatedly: Merry Christmas to all of you!


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