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I've been looking trough the pictures of our puppies and look what I found!

Aren't they cute...

The Mummy

Aug. 9th, 2008 11:42 am
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I've been in cinema yesterday with my friends. The movie we went too see was "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor". And it was good.

Sides from The Mummy, Bella is lonely. She's taken to teasing Mili, which leads to being bitten by her (not painfully, just as a punishment of sorts and a reminder that her mom is higher in hierarchy than Bella). Let's hope she'll get used to it soon.
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Was at friends house again, this time just for one day. We've put on some fancy make-up and made photos.

About our Make-Up Session )

Grieving for Laser )

Oh! And the kittens are getting bigger! They are a week old right now and still blind, but steadily getting bigger. Next week they should be opening their eyes. I can't wait!

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Am leaving for my friends house today! I should be packing and what-not, but there is enough time for a short post :)

My parents are still out of town and when they come back I will be gone. That's why I had to do some cleaning today (I know that my sister won't do a thing... Lazy little thing.). But that's already finished (or as finished as it can be in a house full of dogs who immediately create mess). Now is the time for myself. And it's pleasant, or it would be if I didn't have to pack! I hate packing! I never know if I didn't forget something and usually end up taking too much stuff... Why aren't there lessons on how to pack properly? Would be so useful <grumbles>

Now that I ranted a bit I can go back to what I'm supposed to be doing all cheerful and energetic :)

Home today

Jul. 30th, 2008 07:28 pm
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Cut for puppies and house-work )
Ah, and also I will be away from friday to monday morning. I'm going to a friends house to have some fun :)

Hot Dogs

Jul. 26th, 2008 01:31 pm
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We were at the puppy kindergarten today again. Mindful of the last meeting we only took one puppy -Bella, who is quite the little rebel- but it still turned a disaster. It was hot, very much so, and Bell quickly had enough. Once she decided she didn't want to practice anymore, she put every ounce of her energy to fight mum. The only thing she did right was sitting on command. Walking with her was impossible and she didn't even want any treats! Luckily the meeting ended earlier and we could go back home. She's sleeping now, the very picture of cuteness and obedience...

Bell in the garden
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One of our puppies, Bella, got bitten by a tick. In itself it's nothing bad, but, if we are unlucky (and I do hope we are not), then she could have contracted an illness called babesiosis. So far she looks completely healthy, but the virus (or is it a bacteria?) is said to manifest itself anytime from a few days to a few months. It makes us all worried.

On the other hand, mum found a buyer for Lucky, the calmest of the bunch. It will be hard to give him away, but four dogs is just too many... I'm not even sure if we manage with three...

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Gah. I need to make some new avatars and maybe a few wallpapers, too...

Had my friends over today, only for a short time regrettably... It was fun :) We played with the puppies and, in some cases, cats, discovered that most of us learned to play on keyboard and watched some photos (mine, mainly class photos). A pity they couldn't stay longer.

Earlier me and mum went to puppy kindergarten with Laser, who is probably the naughtiest of the lot. It was our first time there, so he was rather stressed/scared, but did quite good anyway. Sadly a thunderstorm interrupted the lesson and we went home an hour earlier than we planned. We will go there again tomorrow, so I'm hoping for a better weather then.


From the left: Laser, Lucky, Lobelia (or Bella as we call her)


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