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I'm back from Sweden!

It was brilliant there! We had wonderful weather, a tad bit cold but sunny (whereas it rained the whole week in Poland <grins>), made almost 6 GB of pictures between the four of us and had a good time every day :). Goetheborg is a rather quiet, medium-sized (in comparison to Warsaw) city. And it's completely FLAT. Seriously, it's the second biggest city in Sweden and they don't have even one sky-scraper. That's weird. But otherwise it's lovely. Quite modern as well. Our flat was about five bus stops from the city's centre, near a lovely hill/park that we visited twice. There we found a lovely view on the city. They have quite a lot parks there. Lot's of greenery and lots of cycle lanes (wish we had more of them at home...). Lots of bicycles as well :) It's rather close to the sea, but there are no beaches, only rocks (not that I mind all that much...). Goetheborg has a luna park, a lot of interesting museums (one had a stuffed whale!) and something called Universeum (a cross between a ZOO, an oceanarium and a science fair - it was great :) ). And then there was an island called Marstrand, which was simply beautiful.

So, I've had a great time, actively rested for a week and now I'm back. Into rain. I wish I could have stayed there for a week longer...

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We are going to Sweden tomorrow! We are leaving very early in the morning, so I will have to wake up at 3 am. I dubbed it years ago as an excellent hour for writing essays and doing homework, since it's so quiet then, but it's a bit to early to rise for the day... Will have to go to bed earlier than usual, though I don't know if I'll manage to fall asleep. The plane takes off at 6:05 am and we will be in Goteborg at around 9 am. Then we will settle in the flat we are renting for the week and afterwards maybe do some sightseeing. Or some sleeping if we will be to tired to function :) Anyway it'll be fun :)

Oh! And the kittens are doing fine. They are all over the house and create a mayhem around themselves. God, I love them :)



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