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Today we (me and my mum) went Christmas shopping. We did not manage to buy much, just a few books for presents. What we did manage however was to see the Christmas illumination at the Old Town. It was... shiny. And bright. And rather gaudy, but nice to look at. I wish I had taken my camera... There has been a renovation there and it's finished now. Everything looks beautiful. It would look even better if it would snow, but unfortunately it only rains lately (which does not improve my mood). It's getting colder however, so maybe soon... I still have hope for White Christmas this year...
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Yesterday I went home for just two days to meet with my friends. We ate some ice-cream (which were horribly sweet!) and then went on a walk through Warsaw's most beautiful part - the newly renovated Old Town. It was beautifully illuminated and -surprisingly enough- full of people, despite the late hour.


I'm going back to my grandparents place tomorrow, but until then I'm enjoying my stay at home.

Just as the weather forecast said it's hot, with barely any clouds. It's a welcome change after what was happening the previous weekend and I'm hoping it will stay that way for at least two weeks more. I'd like to enjoy my summer break without being scared for my -and my family's- life, thank you very much.

On a happier note, the kittens have grown. All of them have opened their eyes and now they trying to walk (without much success yet). They are unbearably cute!

all three


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