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Dec. 19th, 2009 07:31 pm
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I have chosen a new theme to one that's more clean. I like the new order a lot. In other new, I'm going to be on TV on Monday and I'm a bit nervous. I have not seen the completed episode myself, I haven't even seen how I looked on the screen! It's rather depressing... Luckily not many people will have the chance to watch it, since it's on in the middle of the day. Myself included. Although it may be repeated on Thursday in two weeks. Hopefully it will look OK. Finally there's snow where I live (even if it might melt down till Christmas).m It's also rather sunny recently, so everything looks glorious. Like that:

My garden
The kittens are crazy. They literally climb walls. I'm a bit scared for our Christmas tree when we will finally decorate it. It's not going to last! We have picked names for the two remaining kittens and it's Bunia and Lucifer. Luci's name is very appropriate. Bunia's is too actually, cause it comes from her fur color. And she is a nice kitten. She spent 2 hours today sleeping on me :) Luci is definitely more crazy than she is. Oh, and their mom, Froggy, is weird! They have this plush mouse and she keeps bringing it to the kittens and trying to feed them with it! I figure she spends way to much time at home...


Jan. 6th, 2009 07:36 pm
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It's freezing! Currently it's about -20°C (about -4°F) and it is supposed to get even colder. I nearly totally froze on my way to the university, despite all the layers of clothing, gloves and my hood. Nothing helps! We are doomed...
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Today we (me and my mum) went Christmas shopping. We did not manage to buy much, just a few books for presents. What we did manage however was to see the Christmas illumination at the Old Town. It was... shiny. And bright. And rather gaudy, but nice to look at. I wish I had taken my camera... There has been a renovation there and it's finished now. Everything looks beautiful. It would look even better if it would snow, but unfortunately it only rains lately (which does not improve my mood). It's getting colder however, so maybe soon... I still have hope for White Christmas this year...
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I'm back from Sweden!

It was brilliant there! We had wonderful weather, a tad bit cold but sunny (whereas it rained the whole week in Poland <grins>), made almost 6 GB of pictures between the four of us and had a good time every day :). Goetheborg is a rather quiet, medium-sized (in comparison to Warsaw) city. And it's completely FLAT. Seriously, it's the second biggest city in Sweden and they don't have even one sky-scraper. That's weird. But otherwise it's lovely. Quite modern as well. Our flat was about five bus stops from the city's centre, near a lovely hill/park that we visited twice. There we found a lovely view on the city. They have quite a lot parks there. Lot's of greenery and lots of cycle lanes (wish we had more of them at home...). Lots of bicycles as well :) It's rather close to the sea, but there are no beaches, only rocks (not that I mind all that much...). Goetheborg has a luna park, a lot of interesting museums (one had a stuffed whale!) and something called Universeum (a cross between a ZOO, an oceanarium and a science fair - it was great :) ). And then there was an island called Marstrand, which was simply beautiful.

So, I've had a great time, actively rested for a week and now I'm back. Into rain. I wish I could have stayed there for a week longer...

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It's raining today. The whole day! I can't stand it... I want more summer, longer nights, sun and warmth again! God, I feel like crying... (And only because it's raining? That's weird...)

The kittens are getting more courageous. They venture further and further and are not scared of humans as much as before. They even lean to touch again! Still are a bit shaky on their legs though...
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I'm home again! And this time for good, too... Oh, this is so good! I really missed my own room and my own bed and -the most important thing- my own computer! :) The only bad thing is that it's cold! And the summer didn't end yet...

More good news: I'm going to Sweden for a week in 3 weeks :) I can't wait! It will be glorious... We will be going to Gothenburg - second biggest city of Sweden. We as in me and my 3 closest friends and together will get to see everything worthwhile in this city :)

Today I've been visited by 2/3 of Sweden-team :) We were playing with the kittens (as much as it was possible since they are only 3 and a half weeks old and still have problems with walking - namely, they shake all over when they try) and remembering how to play "For Elise" on the piano. I must admit that, while I'm pretty good with my right hand, I'm also crap with my left one... Maybe I shall practice later... Anyway, it's been fun.
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Yesterday I went home for just two days to meet with my friends. We ate some ice-cream (which were horribly sweet!) and then went on a walk through Warsaw's most beautiful part - the newly renovated Old Town. It was beautifully illuminated and -surprisingly enough- full of people, despite the late hour.


I'm going back to my grandparents place tomorrow, but until then I'm enjoying my stay at home.

Just as the weather forecast said it's hot, with barely any clouds. It's a welcome change after what was happening the previous weekend and I'm hoping it will stay that way for at least two weeks more. I'd like to enjoy my summer break without being scared for my -and my family's- life, thank you very much.

On a happier note, the kittens have grown. All of them have opened their eyes and now they trying to walk (without much success yet). They are unbearably cute!

all three


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